Types of Weighing Scales and their Applications

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Weighing scales are the need of almost every business. Some people also use weighing scales at home to monitor their body weight. A scale is a measuring device that allows you to determine the mass and weight of an object. So, where exactly is a weight scale used? The scale is a device used for commercial applications and for weighing products in the industry.

a digital weighing scale

There are a variety of scales used in households, businesses, and industries. Every individual and business has different requirements, and they need to choose the right scale. Individuals need a bathroom scale to measure their body weight, while food businesses need a heavy-duty scale to weigh large quantities of food. Let us explore all types of weighing scales and their applications in the industry.

Floor Scales

Floor scales are simplest in design and lightweight. They are used in factories and industries for weighing finished products. The finished products are usually heavy, and hence the floor scales came into existence to measure the heavy goods in industries. Floor scales were first invented with a digital display. Users can check the weight of the products on the LCD screen installed on the scale. Floor scales offer high accuracy and precision. These scales come with a high-mounted platform that is installed on the wheels for easy movement from one area to another.

Counting Scales

There were times when a person can make counting mistakes, and there can be counting errors due to the lack of observation power. Thus, counting scales were invented to overcome the problems encountered during counting. The biggest advantage of counting levels is that they can help you save time and money. For example, if you want to count more than 500 items, these scales can be useful. Otherwise, it may take longer to calculate with the counting scale; it can be done in one minute. In particular, the time spent counting saves you time, and you can actually increase your sales margin.

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Bench Scales

Some businesses require to place the weighing scales on counters or tabletops to weigh their products. They are commonly used in the food, chemical, transportation and hospitality, medical, pharmaceutical, and retail industries. These are also usually used to count small parts. Although scales can weigh items such as shipping boxes, they are not always accurate enough to record the weight of smaller items.

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Bench scales are generally suitable for dose control as well as package weighing and quantity counting. They are available in several models. Their weight capacity usually ranges from 150 g to 300 kg; individual options are usually available. The high-capacity version of these scales can be even larger.

Laboratory scales

Analytical balances for laboratory use
Analytical balances for laboratory use

These types of scales fall into the category of industrial scales. Laboratory scales are used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the scientific community. The components of drugs, chemicals, and experiments are measured.

They can also be weighed in small fractions of a gram. One type of laboratory equilibrium – the analytical scale – can often record a fraction of a milligram. It facilitates experiments that require the highest accuracy, including experiments with combustible materials.

The price of a laboratory balance usually depends on its accuracy and resolution. This means high accuracy, high cost. You will get a scale in your budget that meets the needs of your lab.

Crane scales

Also known as dynamometers, crane scales are designed to measure objects raised by cranes. There are scales of this type, but larger crane scales are usually designed to measure heavier loads. This is particularly useful when loading cargo for transportation or when transporting goods to warehouses and similar locations. The advanced variants of crane scales come with a display that can deliver easy-to-read results on a handheld device.

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Health / Bathroom

Most people prefer a scale in the bathroom so that they can track their weight quickly and easily, and a bathroom scale is the best solution for this need. They are flat, easy to store in a closet or near the toilet, yet strong enough to weigh most people in your family.

When you can easily buy a scale with amazing features, it greatly increases the cost of the scale. A simple scale that shows only its weight is very cheap. If you are interested in your body composition and fat, water, and muscle figures, then you should choose a scale that embodies these characteristics.

bathroom scale
Bathroom Scale


Livestock scales

Livestock scale
Livestock scale


Livestock scales are harmful tools on farms and in animal husbandry. Since the weight of the animal is related to the health and diet of the animal, careful consideration will be important. These scales allow accurate weighing of livestock and monitoring of animal health. The scale can be chosen according to the type of animals on the farm.

Horse scales ensure the correct weight of horses. It takes the guesswork out and helps track the weight of the animals. The structure of the scale is strong and keeps animals in one place during measurement. Livestock scales are easy to move and use. It has a corrosion-resistant coating on its surface.

Industrial scales

The production environment typically includes these scales of different sizes and sizes. Industrial companies that generally find these scales useful include, but are not limited to, the agricultural industry, the truck, and automotive industry, and retail.

Even semi-trailers and airplanes can be measured with industrial scales, as these scales weigh hundreds of tons. Some, on the other hand, are designed to measure the exact amount of small additional chemicals and additives, typically displaying weight options in gram fragments.

Industrial scales predominate over a wide range of scales, including platform, floor, or tank scales. They are resistant to extreme environments and can take measurements despite temperature fluctuations.

Final Words

These are the types of weighing scales for different industries. Businesses need accurate and reliable weighing scales to weigh their products. Every business needs to do some research to determine the right scale as per their requirements. Now, as you know the primary types of weighing scales, you can choose one for your business and get accurate readings to serve your clients and customers.

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