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Important Use of a Current Shunt in Electrical Calibration
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How to extend the current measurement range of your handheld digital multimeter up to 10X or more? Most regular handheld multimeters have a current range that you can measure up to 10A. A problem occurs when there are situations where … Read More

The Applications of Monitoring and Measurement in Calibration Process
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Introduction I receive a question asking, “What is the difference between monitoring and calibration?” At first, I was skeptical to answer the question because I was thinking that it is a very simple question. But I realize that it is … Read More

Top 15 Calibration Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019
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Last Updated Sep 3, 2019 This post was originally published on this site >> Top 15 Calibration Blogs and Website to Follow in 2019 Calibration Blogs List. The Best Calibration Blogs from thousands of Calibration blogs on the web using search and social metrics. … Read More

How to Calibrate Fluke 87 Digital Multimeter Using Fluke 5522A Calibrator
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As a Technician whether working as a maintenance or in electronics repair field, multimeters is the most used tool to test, diagnose, monitoring, and repair.  Your decisions are based on the data that you have taken or on the output … Read More

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Requirements: List of Documents Outline and Summary
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One of the most challenging parts during establishing a calibration or testing lab is to start the documentation requirements, even if there is an established guide (ISO 17025) that we can read and follow.  My first time reading it (ISO … Read More

5 Techniques For Pressure Gauge Adjustment and Repair
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The analog pressure gauge is one of the simplest, mostly used instruments, and the easiest to calibrate in pressure calibration. It has a simple setup where you can easily execute the calibration. But analog pressure gauge is also one of … Read More

How to Calibrate and Verify the Air Velocity and Volume Flow in a Duct Using a Pitot Tube Anemometer
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Measuring or verifying the airflow coming out from the output end of the duct is very simple, an easy way is to use a vane anemometer. A simple placement of the vane (fan) in front of the opening of the … Read More

Calibration of Analytical Balance – Answering the ‘HOW’s
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This is a guest post from Kevin Hill,  head of the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, CA. _____________ An analytical balance is a highly sensitive lab instrument that is designed to accurately measure mass. They have a readability range between … Read More

5 Mistakes When Using a Calibration Certificate that You Need to Correct
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During my time as a calibration engineer managing an in-house calibration lab, I have collected different types of calibration certificates coming from different users inside the company. I observed that each one of the certificates has different formats and contents. … Read More

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