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How to Differentiate Calibration, Verification, and Validation?
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I have received below comments in relation to last post about the differences between calibration, verification, and validation. These are the comments: Can you give an example instrument with a specification that we can determine or differentiate calibration, verification, and … Read More

Differences between Calibration, Verification and Validation in Measurement Process
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Calibration, verification, and validation are always used or read in every measurement related topic. When I was just starting out in this calibration environment, I was always confused on how or when to use each term. There were so many … Read More

6 Important Uses of a Resistance Box in Calibration
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  One of the most utilized components in electronics is the resistor. It is found in every electronics devices where its main purpose is to resist or limit the flow of current. This is one of the major uses of … Read More

Preventive Maintenance in Calibration
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One of the main goal in every industry whether in manufacturing or in service, is to have a smooth and reliable operation of every equipment or machines used. One way to achieve this goal is to implement a quality control … Read More

5 Useful Setups on How to Calibrate a Temperature Transmitter
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Based on my visits to most manufacturing industries, the temperature transmitter is one of the process instruments that can be normally seen. Each is using either a thermocouple sensor or a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensor,  where the majority of … Read More

3 Ways to Calibrate a  Pressure Transmitter That You Can Easily Apply
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During my learning days, when I hear a pressure transmitter (and other transmitters), it seems it is a very complicated instrument to calibrate (How about you?). . But when I already learned and experience calibrating it, I can say that … Read More

Intermediate Check-Ensuring the Confidence of Your Reference Standards During Field/On-Site Calibration
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I received a comment in my other post asking me on what to do about the high readings of environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) that they are experiencing during their onsite or field calibration compared to their defined specs when … Read More

Calibration Audit Questions and Audit Sequence That We Need to Know
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As a calibration tech or Engineer, our responsibility does not end when we performed instrument calibration. One of our responsibilities is also to respond or support an audit.  One of the most audited processes of a manufacturing industry is the … Read More

Differential Pressure Level Gauge Calibration Setup and Procedure
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  Pressure gauges have various types and usage, and one of this was a differential pressure gauge. A differential pressure gauge is not just used to measure and display a pressure reading but it is also used as an instrument to … Read More

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