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Calibration of Analytical Balance – Answering the ‘HOW’s
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This is a guest post from Kevin Hill,  head of the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, CA. _____________ An analytical balance is a highly sensitive lab instrument that is designed to accurately measure mass. They have a readability range between … Read More

5 Mistakes When Using a Calibration Certificate that You Need to Correct
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During my time as a calibration engineer managing an in-house calibration lab, I have collected different types of calibration certificates coming from different users inside the company. I observed that each one of the certificates has different formats and contents. … Read More

A Simple Pressure Safety Valve Calibration Procedure
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One of the simplest but most important instruments that I encounter which are used not for displaying or monitoring the process, but for safety, is the pressure safety valves. When I was just starting out as a cal tech, looking … Read More

The Technical Records in Calibration Documentation
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Recording as part of our documentation is not a new activity. I believe that most of you that are engaged in this technical field are doing some kind of documentation or recording of results as part of your daily job … Read More

Why Calibrate? 5 Risks of Not Calibrating the Watt Meter
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This is a guest post from Edward Simpson, calibration and technical engineer, RS Calibration. The economic success of most manufacturing industries critically depends on the quality of their products, and measurement plays an important role in this. Every measuring device … Read More

How to Calibrate and Verify a Pressure Sensor – A Simple Procedure
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Are you familiar with this type of pressure sensor? I cannot remember  when is the last time where I calibrated this type of pressure instrument that is why  I am excited to present it with you. I was amazed the … Read More

How to Differentiate Calibration, Verification, and Validation?
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I have received below comments in relation to last post about the differences between calibration, verification, and validation. These are the comments: Can you give an example instrument with a specification that we can determine or differentiate calibration, verification, and … Read More

Differences between Calibration, Verification and Validation in Measurement Process
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Calibration, verification, and validation are always used or read in every measurement related topic. When I was just starting out in this calibration environment, I was always confused on how or when to use each term. There were so many … Read More

6 Important Uses of a Resistance Box in Calibration
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One of the most utilized components in electronics is the resistor. It is found in every electronics devices where its main purpose is to resist or limit the flow of current. This is one of the major uses of a … Read More

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